Syncing Data and Locked records

Locked Jobs

A record that has been downloaded to the device is termed as locked if it would not be downloaded to the device were it to be re-synced.

This may happen if a job is updated on ValuePRO Standard Edition with a new status such as "Approved for Release" or "Job Completed".


If data is entered on the device it will not be transferred to ValuePRO Standard Edition either by syncing the device or if Continuous Updates are in use.


Full Sync

 When a full sync is performed and Continuous Updates is not being used, a new Sync stage has been introduced, "Precheck - Check for locked jobs".

If any jobs that have been amended on the device are locked, then the sync will pause and ask the user what should be done with the data for any records that are locked.



There are 2 options for each record that is locked

1. Discard

This discards any data that has been entered for that job on the device.

2. Overwrite

This will cause any data entered on the device to be uploaded to ValuePRO Standard Edition, irrespective of the Status of the Job. This potion should be used very carefully as it could potentially overwrite data entered on ValuePRO Standard Edition.

Once all jobs have been identified as either to be discarded or will overwriting the data on ValuePRO Standard Edition, the Continue button will be enabled.


Tapping on Continue will continue with the Sync.
Tapping on Cancel will cancel the Sync.

Tapping on the link "Learn more about syncing issues" will open the Safari web browser to a web page showing help information related to syncing issues.


Continuous Updates

If continuous updates are in use when the device sends the data to ValuePRO Standard Edition an Alert screen will be displayed.


If the data needs to be uploaded to ValuePRO Standard Edition then the user should enter the Job Number in the field presented and tap on the Overwrite button. This will allow the device to update ValuePRO Standard Edition.

Any further updates to the Job will also overwrite ValuePRO Standard Edition without further prompting. If a different Job is selected any further updates to the locked job will cause the Alert to be re-displayed.


If the user wishes to discard the data entered on the device, tapping on the Cancel button will mark the Job as in error. Any further updates will not cause the Alert to be re-displayed.


Sync Status

If a job is marked as an error, then it ill be listed then it will be listed on the Sync Status Screen



Tapping on Retry will mark all updates for the Job to be re-uploaded to ValuePRO Standard Edition.

For Jobs that are locked there will be 2 options, Retry and Overwrite.

Tapping on Overwrite will will mark all updates for the changes to the Job to be uploaded and the changes will update ValuePRO Standard Edition.

If the job is unlocked on ValuePRO Standard Edition, maybe by changing it's status, then tapping on retry will also allow the changes to the job to be uploaded.


Continuous Updates errors

If a "Continuous Updates" error has previously occurred that has not been resolved and the user tries to Sync the following warning message is displayed.


Pressing Cancel will cancel the sync and the user can review any outstanding errors in the Sync Status screen.

Pressing Sync will sync the device and any outstanding errors and associated data will be removed.


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