Downloading Jobs - Lazy Loading

List of Jobs

This screen displays all the Jobs that have been downloaded to the device.

There are 3 views of the jobs downloaded to the device 

This view lists the Job in Inspection date order



This view lists the Jobs with Portfolio Jobs indented under their header job address. 



This view lists all jobs that are allocated to the current user but not loaded onto the device.


Fetching the list of Jobs not on the device

There are 2 methods for downloading jobs, syncing the device and downloading a job in the background - Lazy Loading.
If you have many jobs that need to be downloaded, then syncing the device as the quickest method.

To download a list of jobs that are not currently on the device but have been allocated to the user go to the List of Jobs - ALL view.

If no jobs are ready to be downloaded, the list will be empty




Pull down on the table, this will initiate a request to the server to update the list of jobs waiting to be downloaded.


This will fetch a list of Jobs that have been allocated to the user since the device was last synced.


Tapping on the menu Item "Check for New Jobs" from the maintenance menu will also refresh the list of jobs waiting to be downloaded.

Download a Job not on the Device

To download a job tap on the download Icon which will change to a spinner indicating that the job has started downloading.


Tapping on the spinning Icon will cancel the download. leaving the job ready to be downloaded later.

You may carry on woking and switch back to the "Inspecting" or "Calendar" view whilst a job is downloading.

Loading Job after downloading

After a job has been downloaded it appears in the "Inspecting" view.

Tapping on the Job will display a loading screen, once loaded it will be displayed and can be edited as normal.



Lazy loading does not eliminate the need for Syncing the device.

This is still required to ensure that any changes to configuration such as new fields, updated lookup values are downloaded to the device.

We would recommend syncing the device  when the user is on WiFi to ensure minimum mobile data usage and to get the fastest download speed.


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