Setting up ValuePRO Office Edition

1. Download the latest installer from

2. Run the installer and follow the prompt.

3. Once the installation is complete, open Word or Excel -> go to the ValuePRO tab -> select Credentials -> provide the required details then press OK.


The required credentials are as follows:

    • User Id
    • Password (case sensitive)
    • Server URL (https://mobile.[Your ValuePRO Domain Name])
    • Friendly Name
    • License Key

Note: License keys are bound to the computer on first use and are unable to be used on multiple devices. In order to transfer the license to a different computer it must first be 'released' by one of your ValuePRO master users.


Synchronization Settings

    • Get Latest From Server (Deprecated)
    • Upload documents to server - Automatically uploads the current version of the report into the server as a substitute report upon closing the document.
    • Offline Mode - Forces ValuePRO Office Edition to stay offline and only triggers a sync which uploads ValuePRO field changes upon closing the document or when offline mode is disabled.
    • Enable Alpha Features (Recommended)
    • Enable Real-Time Sync (Recommended) - Enables real-time sync for ValuePRO field updates.

4. Re-open Word or Excel after setting up the credentials.






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